Is hearing loss related to age?

Many people think thatHearing lossThis is inextricably linked to our age. As the age increases, the hearing loss will become more and more serious, but age is not the only factor that affects hearing loss.

Now more and more young people also have hearing loss, young2.30When I was old, I couldn’t hear people talking. Every time I chat with people, I need to let others repeat it several times. In fact, in addition to age, there are many factors that affect our hearing. Let’s take a look at what else is there.

The accumulation of noise, this can be said to make us youngHearing lossThe big factor, wearing headphones for a long time, listening to songs, brushing the drama, making our hearing worse and worse, we are in a noisy environment for a long time,Hearing lossThe phenomenon is also very serious. If we are forced to stay in this kind of environment because of other reasons such as work, we can choose to wear noise-reducing earplugs to protect our ears.

Hearing loss

Some chronic diseases are against usHearing lossIt is also influential, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc. Diabetes patients actively control blood pressure, maintain normal insulin levels and take hypoglycemic drugs regularly, which helps to avoid hearing loss to the greatest extent. And excessive drinking can also cause hearing loss.

There is also a bit of hearing loss that can cause hearing loss. Too much deafness can cause our hearing loss, but when we are accumulating (deafness), it is not recommended to clean it yourself. You should go to the hospital and let a professional doctor help you. Clearing the ear canal, if you dig it in your ear, it may cause ear canal damage, so thatHearing lossInfection, if you force it or are pushed down when you dig it, the tympanic membrane is broken and it can cause otitis media.

Finally, when we found out that we hadHearing lossWhen you have a phenomenon, you should seek medical advice promptly, and you should not delay the treatment time. Missing the best treatment time will only reduce our treatment effect.

Hearing loss

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