The 12 boy suddenly changed his mind because the mother did it.

12Year old studentSudden deafnessThe reason was related to the mother’s report to him, and the overwork was caused.……What is this all about?

Sudden deafnessWhat is it? How can this happen and can it be cured? Usually, what kind of problems should we pay attention to? Today, let’s talk about those things about the ears.~

12Years old “Schoolmaster” has studied sudden sudden deafness

One by one Xiaoxiao (a pseudonym) this year12At the age of one, he is a student who is about to begin his junior studies. His hard-working and eager academic performance has always been among the best in his class. His classmates jokingly called him “Schoolmaster.” In addition to the basic homework, Xiaolan’s mother also gave him a number of training courses in English and mathematics at the off-campus training institution, and there was almost no rest on the weekend.

One by one, Xiaolan’s mother said that her son recently said that his ears are often uncomfortable and always have tinnitus. “He recently had a bad cold for half a month. I thought it might be otitis caused by a cold, so I took him to the hospital for examination.” When Xiaolan’s mother got the inspection report, she could not believe that her son had a sudden Sexual deafness.

Related to physical fatigue and stress

One by one doctors learned that Xiaoxiao’s mother said that her son’s learning pressure was indeed quite large, and even he would take the initiative to pressure himself, and he would review his homework at night later. “Being a parent hopes that the child will become a talented person, but we are really distressed when we see that the study has hurt our body.”

Sudden deafness

Sudden deafness

One by oneSudden deafnessOr “extraordinary sudden sputum”, referred to as “sudden sputum” or “sudden sputum”, refers to a sudden, unexplained sensorineural hearing loss. The main clinical manifestations are unilateral hearing loss, which may be accompanied by tinnitus, ear blockage, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and the like.

” Turkic” rejuvenation


Young people now sufferSudden deafnessThe number of “sudden deafness”, the past “middle-aged disease”, is gradually “rejuvenating”.


Although the cause of the suddenness is unknown, many patients have a history of cold, fatigue, anxiety or emotional excitement. Some unexpected factors can also lead to sudden embarrassment, such as some people drinking a lot of alcohol, playing mahjong and staying up all night.

High-risk crowd

Currently students and white-collar workers areSudden deafnessIn high-risk groups, this situation often occurred in the middle-aged and elderly population. However, in recent years, the number of young people, especially students, has suddenly increased. The number of people in the exams, such as the senior high school entrance examination, college entrance examination and postgraduate examination, is particularly concentrated.

Once people are under too much stress and anxiety, they will cause temporary or long-term sputum in the ear. The nerve cells in the ear are very sensitive to ischemia and hypoxia. Once the vascular sputum supply cannot keep up, the nerves cell3-5
Minutes of apoptosis can cause irreparable hearing loss.

Within a week of onset, it is a good time to treat, and it is basically possible to cure. Three days before the onset of the disease is easier to treat, and the treatment is timely within one week of onset.80%The patient can resume hearing, and the effect of treatment after two weeks of onset is worse. According to foreign data, if the course of disease is more than one month, the effect of treatment will be greatly reduced.

Usually, if you have hearing loss, tinnitus, earache, ear nausea and other symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Don’t miss the opportunity to treat.

Digital products into children’s hearing “invisible killer”

One store often has10Children under the age of the year are equipped with hearing aids, and the cause of the disease is not unrelated to the popularity of online games and digital audio and video products. More and more children are suffering from hearing loss due to excessive use of headphones.

Hearing loss

In the crowds of buses, subways, and roads, people wearing headphones and playing with mobile phones or tablets can be seen everywhere, including many primary and secondary school students. Experts say that some people will unconsciously turn up the volume to make it clearer. This habit has been developed for a long time, and it is easy to cause damage to hearing over time.

If the hearing impairment during this period is not detected in time and effective intervention measures are taken, the lighter can lead to backward speech and behavioral problems, and the severe ones can lead to serious speech development disorders and even affect children’s emotional, psychological and social interactions. Capacity development.

Hearing loss

I often wear headphones, especially digital electronics enthusiasts with built-in headphones. Be careful not to turn the volume too loud, and don’t listen too long. For primary and secondary school students with weak self-control ability, parents should warn the child that the volume is less than60Decibel, each time you use headphones should be less than60Minutes; advocate wearing earmuff headphones. Use in-ear earbuds no more than daily2hour.

Protect hearing

In addition to electronic products, in addition to the sudden pressure caused by the pressure of Shanshan, how should we protect our hearing in daily life?

First, avoid being in a noisy environment for a long time

If a person is in a strong environment, or suddenly encounters a huge sound, the tympanic membrane or the small bone is easily injured. People’s hearing will be weakened. Therefore, when listening to the radio and watching TV, don’t adjust the volume too much, or listen to the headphones for a long time, and don’t yell at the ears of others.

Second, pay attention to ear hygiene

Less earwax: Earwax is a secretion of the external auditory canal. It has a protective function and does not require special cleaning. Unsuitable ear digging can lead to external auditory canal inflammation, and even cause perforation of the tympanic membrane, causing infection in the middle ear and affecting hearing. If the ear canal is too much to block the external auditory canal, you can go to the hospital for cleaning.

Third, refused the damage of drugs to hearing

In today’s society, the concept of health has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, some drugs can cause hearing loss if not used properly. Avoid the use of ototoxic drugs: drugs that can cause phlegm mainly include: streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin, etc. These drugs are easy to damage the inner ear, causing deafness and balance disorders.

Fourth, it is best to use earplugs when swimming

It is best to use earplugs when swimming. When the ear is in the water, wipe it dry in time to avoid inducing infection in the ear. Also avoid deep diving. First, deep water will cause pressure injury to the tympanic membrane, and second, it may cause dizziness and cause danger.


5. Massage your ears and protect your hearing.

Frequent massage of the ear can promote blood circulation in the ear. For example, massage the auricle, pinch the earlobe, massage the wind pool at the depression on both sides of the neck. You can also close your eyes and sit still, insert the index fingers of both hands into the two ears, and then quickly pull out, so doing 10 times in a row, is conducive to ear care.

Massage the ear

6. Change bad habits

If you wear headphones to listen to music;Always use one side of the ear to listen to the phone or talk for too long;Long-term mental stress, can not reasonably arrange work and rest.

Seven, diet therapy to protect hearing, delay hearing loss.

One by one includes:1Rich in carotene and vitaminsAFoods such as carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, eggs, lettuce, zucchini, etc., can provide nutrients to the inner ear’s sensory cells and middle ear epithelial cells, increasing ear cell viability;2, zinc-rich foods such as fish, lean meat, beef and mutton, dairy products, beer, yeast, sesame, walnuts, peanuts, soybean brown rice, etc., can promote fat metabolism and protect the ear artery;3Magnesium-rich foods such as red dates, walnuts, sesame, bananas, pineapples, robbery, daylilies, spinach, kelp, seaweed and miscellaneous grains can protect the ear artery;4Rich in vitaminsDAnd calcium foods, such as bone soup, skim milk, calcium tablets, etc., can purify the ear artery and improve ear function.

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