What are the hazards of deafness?

Normal hearing is essential for our daily interactions, life and work. The auditory organs, like other parts of the human body, are affected by various harmful factors, such as genetic factors, ototoxic drugs, senile decline, excessive noise, bacterial viral infections, etc., which can cause harm to human hearing and affect people. Hearing, hearing difficulties, lighter, and heavy. From various inflammations such as otitis media, meningitis, mumps, etc.; some drugs such as streptomycin, gentamicin, neomycin, quinine, arsenic, etc.; auditory organ lesions, congenital marriage of parents, close relatives, mother pregnancy Before 3 months, there are viral diseases such as colds and rubella; hereditary factors such as one or both parents have a history of familial deafness; autoimmune diseases are more common in adolescents, binaural or asymmetrical carotid neuropathy. .

In the summary of years of clinical experience, many patients think that deafness itself is not a big deal. It doesn’t hurt or itch, it doesn’t need to be bedridden, and it won’t endanger life. But the harm of deafness is more of a hazard derived from communication barriers. Listening and speaking are closely related, and hearing impairment will inevitably lead to language communication barriers, which in turn lead to psychological barriers. From this perspective, if deafness is considered to be a disability, it is not a single disability, but a “multiple disability” in the sense of a certain one.

In life, it is easy to hear a car whistling out of a traffic accident; if you can’t hear the knocking on the door, you don’t know that there is a guest visiting; you can’t exchange information with friends and relatives without hearing the ringing of the phone. The existence of these phenomena has brought endless troubles to the lives of deaf patients, but more serious is the mental health problems caused by them. Many elderly people have their own dignity and status. Once they are deaf, the situation will change. It is easy to be misunderstood as a big shelf when they can’t hear others. When they talk, they are not worried that they need to repeat too much and they are disgusted. misunderstanding. Over time, the patient’s psychological coherence shadow, had to close the door, isolated from the world, and some patients even led to mental breakdown. Young people have the opportunity to fall in love and promote their positions. Deafness is a great obstacle to love and promotion. Imagine that you can’t always repeat it when you are inspecting or explaining your work!

Juvenile deafness is the most harmful because the development of children’s language is closely related to hearing, and the formation of human language and speech is the product of continuous evolution. The auditory organ is responsible for accepting the input of language information. If there is no hearing, there is no input of language information, and the language’s language cortical center cannot process the output language. Therefore, young deafness will affect the child’s language development, and eventually lead to hoarseness. If the language barrier caused by congenital or early deafness is not effectively corrected, the influence of society on them is mostly on the surface of things, and the thoughts and requirements expressed by others are not understood. They are also prone to misunderstanding and suspicion, and are prone to the same surroundings. People’s opposite emotions lead to poor self-control, suspiciousness, aggressiveness, self-centeredness, anxiety, timidity, withdrawal, self-enclosure and so on.

Deafness not only has hearing problems, communication problems, but also many psychological problems. I hope that the majority of patients and their families should pay attention to this disease, early detection, early treatment, a correct understanding of deafness and a healthy mindset. Strengthening the prevention and treatment of ear diseases is not a one-off event, nor is it not only the activities of the health department or the Disabled Persons’ Federation. It is closely related to the lives of our people and requires long-term untiring participation and support from the whole society.

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