Older people wearing hearing aids have side effects?

Does the elderly wear hearing aids have side effects? Many older people will appear at a certain age.Senile deafnessThe phenomenon, but in fact most of the elderly think that this is a normal phenomenon, and at the same time feel very disgusted with wearing hearing aids, that the more they wear, the more they wear.

Senile deafness

However, as long as the appropriate hearing aids are selected through reasonable methods, whether it is the elderly or the young people, wearing a hearing aid will have no side effects, and the so-called more and more sturdy, in fact, some are not properly fitted. Some people have caused hearing loss, but they bought it online in order to get cheap.1.2The “hearing aid” for hundreds of dollars, why do I have to quote the hearing aid? In fact, this kind of “hearing aid” for one or two hundred yuan on the Internet can be called a loudspeaker. It amplifies the noise and amplifies the noise. There is a very noisy phenomenon, and the patient’s hearing loss is completely inconsistent with the hearing aid. Long-term wear leads to further damage to the hearing, and the more and more embarrassing phenomenon will appear.

Elderly hearing aids

At the same time, some elderly people who are disgusted with hearing aids should be mentally constructed if your children need to wear hearing aids for them. The hearing aids are only an auxiliary tool in the life of the elderly. If you are old, your eyes should wear reading glasses, legs and feet. Inconvenience is not to use crutches, teeth are gone, is it necessary to wear dentures, then why do we not want to use hearing aids when we are deaf? This idea must be changed.

In addition, many people feel discomfort when they just wear a hearing aid. This is a normal phenomenon. When wearing a hearing aid, there will be dizziness, nausea and other phenomena. This requires an adaptation process. The average person is acting in 15 to 30 days. People, different hearing loss situations, their ability to adapt is also different. This is different from person to person.

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