Which is better for a rechargeable hearing aid and a battery hearing aid?

This is a question that I have seen before. One customer asked whether the battery hearing aid is good or the charging hearing aid is good.

I can only say that each has its own advantages. The market is basically a battery, chargingHearing aid batteryUsing a lithium battery, the general life is5 ~ 6In the year, basically, after this year, it will be scrapped. If it is not scrapped, it should be changed. The price of changing a battery is basically200The disadvantage of the yuan is that the rechargeable hearing aid is basically only a mini earmuff machine, there is no custom machine, which greatly limits the user’s choice range.

Rechargeable hearing aid

The battery hearing aid is basically a dedicated zinc-air battery, which has large capacity and stable discharge. Generally, there is no sudden power failure, and the price will be higher than the rechargeable battery.

Hearing aid battery

Of course, in terms of environmental protection, it is definitely a rechargeable type of hearing aid that is better for discharging batteries.

In general, each has its own merits. As for the choice of hearing aid batteries, it is still necessary to choose according to the user’s own needs, according to the user’s own preferences.

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