Does the tympanic membrane perforation cause paralysis?

Does the tympanic membrane perforation cause paralysis?

Before answering this question, let’s take a look at our tympanic membrane, also known as the eardrum. It is a flexible, off-white translucent film with a thickness of only0.01It is about a centimeter, so it is very thin.

Tympanic membrane perforationTo put it bluntly, it was caused by severe external impact, which caused the tympanic membrane to be damaged. Many people are afraid.Tympanic membrane perforationIt is because they think that if the tympanic membrane is broken, it will collapse.

Tympanic membrane perforation

However, under normal circumstances, small areasTympanic membrane perforationIt won’t be embarrassing and our ears have self-healing function. It will heal in about a month, so don’t panic when we have perforation of the tympanic membrane. Go to the hospital to check the perforation. If it is not serious, according to The doctor’s instructions keep the ear clean, and then go to the hospital one month later to check the healing of the tympanic membrane. If it is not healed, it can be treated.

If the perforation is more serious, and the wound area is very large, don’t expect it to heal itself. Go to the hospital, check the treatment, and then repair the surgery. If the large area of ​​perforation is not treated for a long time, it will be awkward. At the same time, it may cause infections and other diseases such as otitis media.

Tympanic membrane perforationAfter that, there will be certainHearing lossIn fact, because the tympanic membrane is a function of amplifying the sound, after perforation, it will have some influence on hearing.

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