Watch out! Improper use of children can cause deafness (Part 2)

Children are in the stage of growth and development, the body tissues of the body are not mature yet, and their functions are not perfect. The response to drugs is different from that of adults. Parents should pay attention to rational use of drugs.


Try not to infusion

For children with cold or fever, or a mild condition, it is best to choose the way of medication according to the condition. The principle is that you can take medicine without injection, and you can get injection without infusion. Cold infusion also produces resistance, and the next time you catch a cold, you will rely on infusion. Try not to administer intravenously, and it is safe to take orally.


Disable adult medicine

The child has a cold and fever. Some parents use the adult medicine at home to reduce the dose to the child. It is very dangerous to do this. It is not known to children to take adult cold medicines. Because children’s special constitutions often produce some unexpected side effects, such as “quick-effect cold capsule” and “angtongding”, the bone marrow hematopoietic system Can produce inhibition. Children need to use children’s medicine.


Strict calculation with dose

The dosage of pediatric medication can generally be calculated according to the three methods of age, weight and body surface area of ​​children. Children’s medication should be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the drug. Some parents are eager to catch a cold and use a variety of cold medicines. This method is wrong. At present, there are many names of cold medicines, but most of their pharmaceutical ingredients are similar. If two or more cold medicines are taken at the same time, the dosage of the medicine is increased, and the risk of adverse reactions will be multiplied.

Drug-induced deafness


Nutritional drugs can not be abused

The trace elements and vitamins needed for the baby’s growth should be absorbed evenly from the food. Children with normal diets generally do not need to take nutrients. Excessive supplementation of trace element zinc is prone to abscess; long-term use of cod liver oil can cause chronic poisoning, long-term use of calcium and vitamins in large dosesCWill cause urinary tract stones.


Avoid using antibiotics

The use of streptomycin, neo-gentamicin, kanamycin and other antibiotics will affect the child’s auditory nerve, causing dizziness, tinnitus, and even deafness; at the same time, antibiotics will also cause the body to develop drug resistance, etc. When antibiotics are used, antibiotic function is not effective for the body.

Avoid using antibiotics


Prohibition of forced filling

Children generally do not like to take drugs. Parents should not pinch their noses, open their mouths, and do not feed them when they are asleep, crying or struggling, so as to avoid danger of breaking into the trachea.

In addition, in order to take medicine for the children, the parents will not be able to soften. Such as fruit juice medication, feeding sugar and peeling, etc., these methods are also not desirable. Taking the juice may reduce the efficacy; feeding the sugar may cause chemical reaction with the drug to produce toxic substances; peeling off the coating or crushing is also prone to adverse reactions.


These symptoms should be discontinued

1 rash: mostly for drug eruption, drinking more warm water can promote drug excretion, light can disappear on its own. 2 fever, chills: sometimes appear with the rash, allergic to drugs. You need to stop the drug immediately and go to the hospital for an examination. 3 nausea, vomiting: mostly for drug side effects. Eating something before using it can reduce the gastrointestinal irritation of the drug. 4 symptoms such as dyspnea or headache may be allergic, or the condition may worsen. You need to stop taking the medicine immediately to avoid interference with the diagnosis.

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