Is there a digital hearing aid of a few hundred dollars?

Hearing aids are cheap and expensive, but basic hearing aids are divided intoDigital hearing aidAnd analog hearing aids. The analog hearing aid is what we call the analog machine. It is a linear one-to-one amplification. When we amplify our voice, we will also amplify the surrounding noise, which will cause many people to feel very noisy when wearing it. It is also because of this reason. The words that the hearing aids are worn more and more.

Digital hearing aid

AndDigital hearing aidIt is a professional audio-visual inspection. According to the inspection data, the domestic hearing aids have been developed rapidly in recent years. However, compared with foreign counterparts, they are connected to computers. Data debugging. There is also a large gap in chip levels, so it is recommended to wear imported hearing aids if economic conditions permit.

Summarize a sentence, some, there are several hundred yuanDigital hearing aidBut the performance is definitely not as good as those of thousands of hearing aids.

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