Is wearing a hearing aid really useful?

Reasonable selection of hearing aids

Everyone often finds hearing aid stores on the street. There are many brands and products. Many people can’t figure out whether it is a specialty store to buy, or go to the hospital. Experts introduce that the hearing aid has the functions of adjustable volume and sound amplification. According to the shape, it can be divided into: box type, ear type, ear type, ear canal type, etc. It is best to go to the hospital for hearing examination before the selection. At present, the pure tone audiogram can not accurately reflect the damage of the cochlea, speech The results of the audiometry are more accurate. The expert will decide which instrument is suitable according to the patient’s audiogram, and then select the corresponding performance and price according to the patient’s hearing loss and economic conditions. The selection process includes pre-selection, matching and follow-up after selection. A good matchmaker is also very important. After wearing the hearing aid, there is a debugging process. You need the help of the optional teacher to see if there is a whisper or a loud voice. The phenomenon can not be adjusted, in order to make more detailed adjustment of the hearing aid according to the actual use, until it can fully meet your requirements.

Some people also doubt that wearing a hearing aid can completely restore good hearing? The answer is no, artificial aids will inevitably have distortion and noise, so there must be a correct expectation and adaptation process.

Both ears should also be worn at the same time

Some friends often wonder whether they should be equipped with hearing aids. Professional fitters say that deafness is generally divided into five types: mild, moderate, moderate, severe, and extremely severe. Mild patients can hear people’s voices in close range. This situation does not need to be matched. Moderate patients can only hear the speech sounds in 1 meters. It is necessary to match them. Moderate and severe patients are close. The distance is hard to hear, and this should be accompanied by a hearing aid. The full selection of patients has lost its meaning.

At present, the price of hearing aids on the market is relatively expensive. Many patients often only have one hearing aid for economic reasons and concealing considerations. This may result in further hearing loss of the ear without the hearing aid. Wearing a pair of more accurate positioning sound sources, the received sound is more full and natural and more three-dimensional. If the actual situation determines that the binaural matching is not possible, you should refer to the binaural audiogram and select the ear with good hearing. This will protect the ear with better hearing.

Wear it sooner rather than later

Patients who find that their or their family’s hearing begins to decline should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. If the situation is serious, you need to choose a hearing aid. You must choose it as soon as possible. Not actively treating will not only bring inconvenience to life, but time may change from inaudible to unwilling to listen, from unwilling to listening to reluctance to say that psychosomatic diseases or other accidents eventually occur. There are also quite a few people who choose a hearing aid but don’t want to wear it. One common reason for them is that hearing loss is not that serious. In fact, if a hearing aid is selected at the beginning of hearing loss, the wearing effect is better, and the longer the brain’s hearing center loses its response to sound, the harder it is to adapt to the hearing aid. Another reason for not wearing hearing aids is that they believe that wearing a hearing aid exposes a physical defect or a feeling of disability. In fact, the refusal to wear hearing aids will cause difficulties in communication, which will cause a major obstacle. Therefore, experts suggest that hearing aids should not only be worn in time, but also often worn! In addition, the first wearers will definitely have various problems, some people It is because these problems are not willing to wear hearing aids. In fact, these are all wrong. Many people have many misunderstandings about the understanding of hearing aids. Some people think that wearing a hearing aid can completely restore hearing immediately, but it is not. After wearing the hearing aid, rehabilitation training is also needed for a period of time. Especially when many elderly people wear hearing aids, hearing has been lost for more than a few years. After wearing a hearing aid, it takes a while to adapt to the sound brought by the hearing aid. Everything has an adaptation process. After the adaptation period, you will find that the hearing aid will be A partner that is essential to your life.

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