What is an ultra-small hearing aid?

Let’s take a look today.Ultra-small hearing aidWhat type of hearing aid is it.

Ultra-small hearing aidAs the name suggests, it is a smaller hearing aid than a small hearing aid. It is embedded in the subcutaneous tissue of the user’s head when worn, and can be worn after wearing it.90The degree of observation is completely invisible, and it can be seen how small the shape is.

Ultra-small hearing aidAmong the various types of hearing aids, it belongs to advanced products. The general user group is a hearing loss patient with high requirements on appearance, so that patients have a better user experience.

Ultra-small hearing aidThe scope of application is also broad, suitable for hearing loss35Decibel to85The hearing loss between the decibels can also automatically control the volume, and generally does not need to be adjusted after wearing.Ultra-small hearing aidAlso because of its small size, strong concealment, high aesthetics, and use with all types of people. And can completely avoid the whistling sound when making a call, about70%After the customer wears it, it also reflects the function of eliminating tinnitus after wearing it, indicating that it can suppress tinnitus to a certain extent. When wearing a general hearing aid, some customers will reflect that the feeling of blocking the ear is strong, andUltra-small hearing aidBecause it is worn deep in the ear canal, it greatly reduces the resonance of the cartilage, which reduces the feeling of blocking the ear.

Ultra-small hearing aid

However, there are a few points of attention that we have to emphasize when we use it.

Ultra-small hearing aidAlthough small and concealed, it is the most afraid of falling, the most fearful of an accessory, basically as long as1To2The height of the meter, falling vertically, may break the sound-transmitting earphone inside the hearing aid, and the position of the coil inside the machine moves, thereby affecting its sensitivity. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the hearing loss from being dropped during use.

Ultra-small hearing aidIt is composed of electronic components. It must be placed in a dry box in a high-humidity environment, which can effectively increase the service life of the hearing aid, especially in a hot and stuffy environment. The ear mold should be cleaned regularly15Around the day, use a neutral lotion to wash the bubbles and then dry them to remove dirt and moisture.

Because it is small, don’t put it in a place that children can easily touch, in case it is swallowed as candy, and because the precision equipment of the hearing aid can not be placed under high temperature, such as in the sun exposed by the sun, next to the family stove Wait. If there is a problem with the hearing aid failure, please go to a professional manufacturer or repair location for repair. Do not open the repair yourself to avoid damage to internal parts.

Hearing aids must be regularly maintained and maintained. Go to the center for vacuum dehumidification in about one month. When not in use at night, open the battery compartment door and keep it dry.

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