Protect your ENT in the summer!

Protect your ENT in the summer!


Experts said that summer is the high season of rhinitis, and the population tends to be younger, generally20There are more young people under the age of. Why is this happening??According to the survey, the number of adolescents suffering from rhinitis is mainly because they are in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Once they go out, they are very susceptible to illness when they are cold and hot. Many people will have persistent nasal congestion and runny nose. Because the nasal mucosa is suddenly stimulated by cold air, it is easy for allergic people to develop allergic rhinitis and acute rhinitis, causing nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and other symptoms. In severe cases, asthma may also occur. Frequent cold showers may also cause rhinitis, because the human body washes cold water when the yang is extremely strong, which causes the nasal blood vessels to contract rapidly, and the hot air can not be dispersed, causing rhinitis, and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis may recur at this time.

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In addition, summer is also a high season of pharyngitis. Due to the opening of air conditioners, the doors and windows are closed, the space is relatively closed, the indoor ventilation is not smooth, and the soot content in the air is increased, so that the bacterial virus floating in the air has gained an environment for growth and reproduction.;Secondly, the temperature of the air-conditioned room is significantly lower than the outdoor temperature. People’s metabolism changes between severe temperature differences. The pores opened by sweating are quickly closed by low temperature stimulation, which is easy to cause pore occlusion. These factors can cause discomfort in the mouth and throat, and even induce symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection such as acute pharyngitis and acute tonsillitis.

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In summer, the weather is hot and people often sweat, which is easy to cause the ear canal environment to be humid, which creates favorable conditions for bacterial reproduction. Experts remind the public to pay attention to physical hygiene when swimming, otherwise it may cause otitis externa, earache, running water, etc., and then cause otitis media. Preventing the water from entering the ear is an important means of preventing ear diseases. When swimming, you can block your ears with earplugs. If you accidentally enter the water, clean the water in the ear canal in time, and prevent the sewage from entering the external auditory canal when you wash your face or take a bath.

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Summer is the frequent season of nosebleeds. Because of the high temperature and dryness, the temperature of the air increases and the humidity decreases. The human nasal blood vessels are extremely rich, the superficial is easy to break, and the contracted nasal blood vessels dilate, and the nasal cavity produces dry, itchy and other discomfort. A little digging, coughing or sneezing, it will bleed, coupled with intense outdoor activities, more likely to cause nosebleeds.

For the prevention of ENT diseases in summer, ENT experts say: ice, cold and cold food should be avoided. In addition, don’t stay in the air-conditioned house because of the high temperature. The so-called spring, summer, autumn and winter, try not to destroy the laws of nature, and people should adapt to the changes in nature.

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