Wearing a hearing aid needs to adapt

Why do we say that hearing aids need to be adapted? In fact, basically the hearing patients will feel dizzy, nausea and other phenomena after wearing the hearing aid, and feel very uncomfortable.

Wearing a hearing aidIt’s the same as wearing glasses. Friends who have myopia can definitely know that it’s very uncomfortable to wear glasses and wear them in about a few days. The same is true for hearing aids, just this adaptation cycle. Be longer than glasses.

Wearing a hearing aid needs to adapt

一般Wearing a hearing aidThe adaptation time in the future is about15To30Around the day, it still varies from person to person. Some people are more adaptable and have a shorter time. Some people may have a longer time. The factors affecting the adaptation time are the hearing loss. The patients with mild hearing loss naturally have to pay for it. Degree of hearing loss patients have a short adaptation time. Secondly, age, the age of the hearing patients will also affect the adaptation time of the hearing aid. In theory, the younger the age, the shorter the adaptation time.

So how do we adapt to hearing aids?

At the beginning of wearing, we have to wear it from short to long.1.2Feel the hour, adapt and start wearing3.4After hours, I will continue to increase, step by step, and there is volume. I don’t want to adjust too much at first. Before you were a person who was in a quiet environment for a long time, suddenly receiving various sounds from the outside world would make the brain very uncomfortable. Adaptation, so you need to slowly adapt the brain to this sound environment. The same environment is also, we need to be in a quiet environment nowWearing a hearing aidWait until you are comfortable and go to a noisy environment like a park.

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