Hearing aids only buy good, don’t buy expensive

Hearing aids only buy good, don’t buy expensive, why do you want to say this, in fact, not only hearing aids, products of other industries, food in our daily life, home and so on are such a truth, you do not necessarily like expensive.

Just like mobile phones, many of us use apples, but those one month2.3Ten thousand people use apples, they take up, and those who are young to catch up with the trend, one month3.4Thousands, also learn to buy a house8.9Thousands of apples, in fact, Apple phones have a lot of features you can not use, what is the use of you to buy such a good.

The hearing aid is the same. You have a mild hearing loss patient. In order to set off my own money, I bought it.4More than a thousand hearing aids are not necessary.

Hearing aids only buy good, don't buy expensive

I mentioned the price of a hearing aid. Some people asked.4wMany hearing aids, so expensive, indeed4wFor some families that are not very wealthy, it’s not a small amount, but4wIn the hearing aids, it is also a high-end machine. The price of hearing aids is high and has a bottom. From the cheapest one or two hundred yuan to the most expensive four or five thousand yuan, the price can be said to be very biased.

Hearing aids are mainly divided into simulators and digital machines on the market. The digital machines are basically more expensive than the simulators. There is a difference between the two. Let’s not talk about them for the time being.

Because the price of hearing aids is high or low, we have to choose the right ones and not expensive ones. If you are a gods, when I don’t say anything, in general, the price of hearing aids is proportional to the performance, a few hundred dollars. Hearing aid performance is definitely not as good as tens of thousands, but it depends on the patient’s hearing loss. If it is not serious, then you can buy a hearing aid at this price, because your function requirements for hearing aids are not high, performance requirements. It is not very high, basically the hearing aid at this price can already meet your needs.

Secondly, the brand problem of hearing aids, in fact, many people are asking which is the best. I don’t talk about which brand here. I don’t want to say that I am advertising. I will take the international six brands directly. The brands are not specific. The difference between good and bad can only be said to vary from person to person. You feel good wearing this brand. Others don’t necessarily think so, so when you want to choose a hearing aid, unless you are a big fan of a brand, otherwise more Try a few brands and try a few more models. After all, the hearing aids have to be worn for several years. It is uncomfortable to wear. It is hard for you to listen. Choose to listen to it clearly and wear it comfortably.

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