Points to pay attention to when buying a hearing aid

We are wearing nowHearing aidThere are more and more hearing patients, but some of the points of attention for purchasing hearing aids are something we must know. In order to prevent more people from taking the road, let me briefly understand them.

The first big head, the hearing aid needs a professional fitting. We all know that the eye is nearsighted. We have to go to the optical shop to determine the eye degree before we can wear the glasses, but we knowHearing aidThere are very few people who need to be fitted. The ear and the eye need to be professionally fitted, and the audiology is more complicated than the vision, so it is more complicated than the eye in the fitting of the hearing aid.

Hearing aid fitting

Choose to buyHearing aidType of hearing aid can be divided into boxesHearing aid, behind-the-ear hearing aids and customized hearing aids, if you are a hearing patient for children, you should choose a wide-banded behind-the-ear hearing aid, and young hearing patients can choose a back or a custom machine according to their own situation, if it is aesthetic and concealed. If you have certain requirements, you can choose a custom-made hearing aid. If the elderly hearing patients do not have high aesthetic requirements, it is recommended to use a behind-the-ear hearing aid. This skill ensures hearing and is more convenient to wear.

At the same time we choose to buyHearing aidWhen you choose a relatively guaranteed brand, you must have a certain after-sales ability, and do not go online to buy hearing aids. Before I said that hearing aids require professional fitting, who will buy them online? Unless you go to a company, on a brand’s website, people come to serve you, that’s okay.

Buy a hearing aid

However, some people go to some online malls to buy cheaply.2.3Hundred dollarHearing aidAfter wearing it, I feel very uncomfortable. It is very noisy. Why, because of the failure to match, you have not been able to choose a hearing aid that matches your hearing loss. Another point is because of this type.Hearing aidThere is no relevant noise reduction function. It can only enlarge the sound one by one year by year. After all the sounds are received, they are all amplified, including noise, so there will be very noisy phenomenon, and now most of them NumberHearing aidBoth have the function of noise reduction and are comfortable to wear, which is why our hearing aids need to be auditioned. And I just said2.3For a hundred yuan of such hearing aids, you will only cause a further decline in your hearing loss when you wear them for a long time. This is how many people pass the more people.

Buy a hearing aid, don’t just listen to other people’s opinions. Hearing aids need to be audited many times. Many common sense brands, listen to different types.Hearing aidOnly if you wear it comfortably, the clarity of listening is a good hearing aid.

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