“Geyou lying” is very comfortable and hurts the cervical vertebra

When Grandpa Ge lay down, he became a red net.!“Geyou lying” I believe everyone knows!Many people find that they are unknowingly lying on the sofa. Experts,Keep “Geyou lying” for a long time to damage the cervical spine.

Ge You

Experts have something to say

Yang Yanxin, director of the Department of Chiropractic, Armed Police Guangdong Provincial Corps Hospital pointed out,“Geyou lying” sitting posture,The surface looks very comfortable,“But keep this sitting position for a long time.,It is easy to cause problems such as the lumbar disc herniation, cervical protrusion and the disappearance of the physiological curvature of the spine. Yang Yanxin said,Teenagers can’t fall in love with Ge You Li,Otherwise it is easy to have a spinal deformity at the developmental stage.,Form a hunchback.

Yang Yanxin pointed out,Generally speaking,The correct sitting posture is straight upper body,To maintain the normal curvature of the spine. Sitting upright,Mainly rely on the muscles of the lumbar spine. But no matter which sitting position you take,Stayed for a long time,Cause damage to the body,For example, sitting for a long time is also likely to cause lumbar muscle strain. He reminded,After sitting for an hour,Should stand up and move. If it is really inconvenient,Should also change the sitting position,Relax the muscles of the lumbar spine.

The ridge guard has a “coup”


Five-point support:

Supine position,Knee flexion,With the heel, elbow, and head as the fulcrum,Lift the pelvis,Try to flatten the abdomen and knee joint,Then slowly put it down. Fall together as an action,Every time you do it continuously20-30

Five-point support


Indoor stretching exercise

Sitting on a chair with a backrest,Put the waist and back close to the back,Repeat the head up,Looking up to the ceiling;Slowly doing chest expansion,Lift up the sternum;Standing on the back side of the chair with backrest,Hold the backrest with both hands,Standing on one foot,Straighten the other leg backwards,Do stretching exercises.

Indoor stretching exercise


Swimming breaststroke

Swimming helps with systemic coordination.


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