Some misunderstandings of wearing hearing aids

Many people have different degrees of hearing loss, which have a great influence on their usual speech and work, and have a great influence on our daily life. At the same time, hearing aids enter the Chinese market.20In the year, most people are not very familiar with hearing aids, which leads to some misunderstandings during the wearing process.

One of the misunderstandings: Once hearing loss has occurred, you can wear a hearing aid if you can’t hear it. When there are problems such as loss or decline in our hearing, don’t go to the hearing aid immediately. You should go to the hospital for an examination, then let the doctor judge, you need to wear a hearing aid, when the doctor is diagnosed, you If you really need to wear a hearing aid, go to the local fitting center to go to the audition and choose a hearing aid to wear.

Hearing loss

Misunderstanding 2: Deafness will heal itself and no hearing aids are needed. In fact, most of this kind of thinking is that the elderly will think this way. After many elderly people go to the hospital for examination, the doctor asks him to wear a hearing aid. However, the old man feels that it is unnecessary. He does not follow the doctor’s suggestion and thinks that it is not necessary to spend money to buy a hearing aid. Then I went around to find a prescription treatment, which eventually led to a worse and worse hearing. Actually when your hearing loss is reached40dbWhen wearing a hearing aid, wearing a hearing aid can not only improve the living conditions, solve some daily communication problems, but also prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.

Misunderstanding three: the more expensive the better. amount. . . To tell the truth, not only hearing aids, almost everything is not the more expensive, the hearing aids must buy the right one, you have a mild hearing loss patient, bought a4wMany hearing aids, almost80%You can’t use the function, it’s not comfortable to wear, do you say it is necessary?

Misunderstanding four: I am going to buy online. Here I will ask you a question, will you buy glasses to buy online? Why do people know that buying glasses needs to go to the offline store to buy, but the hearing aids don’t know? It’s said that the popularity is not high enough, and the hearing aids need to be professionally equipped to wear them. They don’t fit the hearing loss. The hearing aid will only lead to further impairment of hearing, that is, the more people in the mouth of the people wear it.

Misunderstanding of the five: to go out, usually do not wear. Many elderly people only take it when they go out for a walk or watch TV at home. They are not usually worn. In fact, this is not right. Wearing a hearing aid takes a period of adaptation. Intermittent wearing can affect the adaptability of the hearing nerve. For better communication and wearing, we need to wear it every day, not when it is needed.

Misunderstanding 6: After wearing the hearing aid, you will not pay attention to maintaining your ears. Some people ignore the maintenance of their ears after wearing a hearing aid. Usually, you should pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables, eat less fried foods, avoid using ototoxic drugs, and properly perform ear exercises.

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