What are the signs of deafness?

As the saying goes, “word of mouth”. Deafness is not only a hearing impairment, but more importantly, a communication disorder (also known as a communication disorder) – a statement that cannot be properly understood by others. Therefore, deafness is often expressed first in communication, such as:

· Always snoring or asking the other person to repeat when talking face to face:

· Used to bias the head to one side (asymmetry of both ears):

· Frequent misunderstanding of the other party’s semantics:

· One heart can’t be used. You can’t talk to others while reading, reading, writing, thinking about problems:

· Even when you are close at hand, it is often difficult to hear conversations between others, especially when things are not relevant: Of course, there are problems with simple listening, such as:

· Often notice that others are saying hello to themselves:

· Talking with men feels easier than talking to women, or the opposite:

· Always close your hands behind your ears to increase the volume of reception:

· Watching TV or listening to the radio is significantly louder than the family asks

· Always ask the other party to increase the volume when making a call:

· I often complain that I can hear but can’t hear clearly:

In addition, the emergence of problems such as tinnitus often means that hearing is declining or is about to decline.

If the above symptoms indicate that there is a problem with hearing, you should see the doctor as soon as possible and consider using a hearing aid.

Note: Everyone has the desire to pursue health and pursue goodness, and they all hope that they are not ill. Therefore, most patients who come to our fitting center, whether they come forward or are “forced” by their families, often have contradictory psychology. On the one hand, I hope to get help; on the other hand, I hope that our staff will conclude that they are not at all jealous and do not need hearing aids at all, especially those with mild deafness. Therefore, one of our top priorities is to discover the signs of deafness in patients and use this as a basis to determine their deafness and then confirm with the results of the audiometry. Only when it is proved that the patient is deaf, can they consider hearing aids. At a higher level, if we observe the short-term observation after the patient walks into the fitting center, we can judge the outline of his hearing impairment and can judge according to our judgment that the patient may not hear or If you don’t listen well, you will undoubtedly get their trust immediately. And getting patient trust as soon as possible is the key to our success. Therefore, we must understand the signs of deafness and can be organically combined with the degree of deafness.

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