How much noise will hurt our ears

This is a question asked by a former netizen when I left a message. Today we will discuss how many decibels of noise will hurt our ears.

First of all, let’s first understand a basic concept, decibel. Decibel is the unit of sound pressure level, and the sound pressure level is increased every time the sound pressure is doubled.6decibel.1Decibel is the sound that human ears can just hear.20The sound below decibels, in general, we think it is quiet.


As ordinary people0 ~ 20Decibel is very quiet,20 ~ 40The decibel is quiet and whispered.40 ~ 60Decibel is the sound of ordinary people’s normal communication.60 ~ 70Decibels start to be noisy and can damage nerves.7 0~9 0 The decibel is very noisy and the nerve cells are damaged.;9 0~+1 0 Decibel noise is aggravated and hearing loss is impaired.100Deviated above the decibel, it will be deaf for about a minute.

In summary, from60When the decibel starts to go up, it will make our ears feel noisy and will begin to get hurt. Therefore, we must always be careful not to hurt our ears. After staying in a noisy environment for a while, we should go to a quiet place and let our ears rest. Usually you can also do some ear exercises to protect your ears, which can increase the blood circulation of the inner ear and protect our hearing.

If you are a staff member who stays in a noisy environment for a long time, you can wear a pair of noise-reducing earplugs, which can effectively prevent our hearing loss and protect our ears from noise.

Using earplugs

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