The old man’s hearing has dropped, what should I do?

It is often said that people are old, and there are more problems. It is normal to hear them, and don’t care too much. However, I think this sentence is half right and half wrong.

The old man can’t hear it. Is it normal to hear it?

Someone has a rough statistics before.65In the population over the age of80%The elderly have at least one chronic disease, the three diseases with the highest incidence are: arthritis, hypertension andHearing loss. The old man can’t hear it. It is normal, but he has a chronic disease: hearing loss.

Older hearing loss

So what impact does hearing loss have?

Of course, there are, there are still quite a few, but many people are not taking things seriously, feel anywayHearing lossIt’s normal, just let it go, but is it really okay?

Long-term hearing impairment, less opportunities to communicate when you can’t hear clearly, slowly forming a psychological barrier, such as silence; out-of-group; suspicious suspicion; irritability and irritability, and long-term dementia risks of. At the same time, when the elderly go out, it is also possible that the hearing noise of the car can not be heard at other times when crossing the road, and then the accident will occur, and then it will not be lost.

What is the cause of hearing loss?

Older hearing loss is a common chronic disease, and its etiology is more complicated. It can be said that there are many reasons, except for age-related degenerative changes (auditory receptors).-CortiAtrophy), there are other factors, such as long-term noise environment, genetic factors, acoustic neuroma, trauma, metabolic diseases (such as kidney disease), vascular diseases (such as arteriosclerosis), vitamin deficiency (especially vitamins)D), infections and ototoxic drugs, etc., the reason is too much, which also led to deafness and tinnitus,Hearing lossIt is called the cause of intractable diseases.

Knowing the reason, we need to know the performance of hearing loss.

When you are old, your hearing is not as good as one year. It is often because you listen to others, you hear the sound, but you can’t hear what you are talking about. You can’t hear what others are saying in a noisy environment, and many people feel deaf. When the tinnitus patient can’t hear it, he deliberately enlarges the sound. In fact, many patients can’t stand talking loudly. If you have these phenomena, then you may have suffered.Senile deafnessNow, you should go to the hospital for an examination.

So if we suffer from senile deafness, can we recover from treatment?

When we have senile deafness, we choose to see a doctor, but often the answer is that it cannot be treated.

确实Senile deafnessIt is irreversible hearing loss, which belongs to natural aging. There is no medicine in the clinic to stop or reverse this process and it is incurable.

Senile deafnessThe treatment is: the hospital check the diagnosis, and then go to the optional hearing aid to protect the residual hearing.

So far, the use of hearing aids is the main method to improve the hearing of the elderly. Therefore, the elderly in our family suffer from senile deafness and need to wear hearing aids in time to prevent hearing loss from continuing.

Finally, how to prevent senile deafness?

Usually pay attention to diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat high-fat, high-salt food, while staying away from noise, to maintain a good attitude. Smoking cessation and alcohol, the old smokers that can’t be quit can try to drink less and drink less. Going downstairs on weekdays to exercise, strengthen physical fitness, prevent various cardiovascular diseases, it is best to do individual check on a regular basis, just in case.

Pay attention to diet

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