Easy troubleshooting of hearing aids

During the wearing of the hearing aid,It is inevitable that there will be some conditions in the hearing aid. When you go to the fitting center, some problems are not big problems, and you can solve them yourself. Now let me introduce some simple troubleshooting methods for common hearing aids:

Hearing aid silent

1 If there is no sound in the hearing aid, first check if the battery has power, whether the battery polarity is installed correctly, whether the battery or battery compartment door is clean, if the battery or battery compartment is stained, clean it with an alcohol swab.

2 Check if the sound channel is clear, whether the sound tube and the ear mold are blocked by ear wax or water drops. If the ear wax is blocked, the ear mold and the sound tube can be removed from the hearing aid, and the ear mold cleaning hook will be carefully removed. Then, wash it with warm soapy water and dry it, then connect it with the hearing aid.

3 The volume button is turned to the minimum or pressed to mute. This situation can be restored as long as it is restored to its original state.

can not hear

The nature of hearing aid whistling is due to acoustic feedback

1 Check the connection of the hearing aid and accessories for looseness. If not, gently push the ear mold into the ear canal so that the ear mold fits snugly against the ear canal wall. If the howling disappears, one reason may be that the position of the ear mold and the hearing aid is not suitable, resulting in a squeal that is not tightly sealed. In this case, it is only necessary to adjust the direction of the ear mold; if it is not possible to eliminate the whistle Call, the possible reason is that the ear mold itself is a little small or the ear canal has changed. In this case, it is necessary to redo the ear mold.

2 Check the ear hook, sound tube, and ear mold for cracks. If it is the ear hook and the sound tube is broken, replace the spare ear hook and the ear tube with a sound tube. If the ear mold is broken, it is necessary to go to the service center to redo the ear mold.

3 Remove the hearing aid, separate the ear hook from the sound tube connection, and block the ear hook sound hole to hear if there is a howling. If not, it may be a problem with the ear mold. If there is still a howling, it means that the problem with the hearing aid is that it needs to go to the service center for debugging.

4 The vent hole made on the ear mold or the custom ear machine is also the cause of the howling.

5 When the hearing aid is only close to an object, such as wearing a hat, palm close to the hearing aid or close to the wall, it is normal for the hearing aid to whistle. Don’t worry.

Hearing aid sound intermittently

1 Corroded battery surface has a layer of powder, which will affect the battery contact. At this time, you need to replace the new battery and clean the battery compartment with an alcohol swab.

2 The battery compartment is damp and will cause the sound to be intermittent. Open the battery compartment and dry it naturally.

3 The ear mold is damp, the ear mold is twisted, and the damper in the sound tube is intermittent due to moisture or dust when the head moves.


Hearing aid ear mold is uncomfortable to wear

When the hearing aid is worn, the ear mold is uncomfortable to wear, and the ear mold sometimes feels uncomfortable. At this time, you can apply some hand cream on the ear mold, and you will feel a lot more comfortable.

Wearing a hearing aid

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