Is it true that hearing aids are worn more and more?

I believe that many people have heard the words that hearing aids are worn more and more. Isn’t it true that hearing aids will actually wear more and more?

In fact, the most oral word is still a group of elderly people, they spread to each other, and then passed to the children by the old people, etc., in the end it became a lot of people think that hearing aids will be more and more embarrassing.

The more the hearing aid is worn

But is it really like this?

The more the hearing aids are worn, the more they are right and wrong. Why is it right? Because there are indeed a group of people who are wearing more and more, because many people are going to go cheap, just go I bought a hearing aid of two or three hundred yuan online and then put it on. The result is that wearing a hearing aid that does not match the hearing loss, plus those hearing aids, is a year-on-year amplification of all the sounds, which means zooming in with the noise. If you wear it for a long time, it will cause further loss of hearing, so it will appear more and more embarrassing. This is why I said this sentence right.

The reason for the mistake is because the hearing aid needs a professional fitting. We need to choose according to the hearing loss of the hearing patient. As long as we correctly wear the hearing aid that matches our hearing, it will not appear. The embarrassing situation. Some people say that it can be worn up or it will make the noise bigger, or it will become awkward. In fact, it is not the kind of analog machine that magnifies the noise. Nowadays, many of the machines are digital hearing aids, all of which have noise reduction function. So don’t worry about this at all.

Therefore, if the hearing aid is correctly fitted, it will not appear to be more and more embarrassing.

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