What if the hearing aid sound becomes smaller?

Some of our hearing patients occasionally feel the hearing aid sounds smaller when using hearing aids. Many people feel that the sound of the hearing aid is small, it may be that the hearing aid is broken, but this is not the case. There are many reasons for the hearing aid sound to be small. Let’s take a look.

Hearing aid

.Hearing aid is not enough
Some hearing aid batteries start about half an hour before the battery is exhausted. The voltage drops significantly, and the hearing aid sound becomes small or sometimes unavailable. If this is the case, replace it with a new one.

two. The hearing aid sound hole or earplug is blocked
This situation is completely due to the lack of maintenance of the hearing aid. It may be caused by excessive sounding holes or earplugs, or it may be caused by excessive dust. In this case, the ear should be cleaned while the hearing aid is being cleaned. The cockroaches in the treatment are disposed of, and the maintenance of the hearing aids should also be paid attention to.

three.Hearing aids damp
When the power is sufficient and there is no obstruction, the hearing aid may be damp. At this time, it is necessary to shut down, then take out the battery, and then put the hearing aid into the dry box to absorb moisture.6Hours6When I was young, my voice recovered, but it was still small, so I can continue to put in the moisture.

Hearing aids damp

four.Hearing is falling again
When a professional determines that your hearing aid is ok, it is likely that your hearing has dropped. It is recommended that you re-inspect the hearing aid and re-commission the hearing aid.

5. The hearing aid is broken.
When excluding these various situations, if the sound is small, the hearing aid may be really broken, and it can be returned to the manufacturer for comprehensive inspection and repair.

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