Go to the hospital with a hearing aid or go to the hearing aid store

When there is a problem with our hearing, we will choose to go to the hospital to see the ear doctor, and try to restore the hearing as much as possible. However, not everyone’s hearing can be restored. At this time, I want to be able to hear and hear the sound. We need to use the aid of hearing aids.

So when we want to have a hearing aid, should we go to the hospital or go to the hearing aid store?

In China, general hospitals are not allowed to sell hearing aids. The hearing aid sales points in their hospitals are contracted by hearing aid dealers. The fitting staff are dealer employees, not hospital medical staff; products are not discounted, profits Also divided with the hospital.

This model makes the most of the patient’s “medicality” profit. When people get sick, they will follow the words of the medical staff and will not carry out any objection. This is the medical treatment. The point of attendance at the hearing aids in the hospital, the staff only need to wear a white coat, the patient will believe his words, easier to deal.

In fact, many large hospitals have low professional level of hearing aids, and they can sell them. After-sales work is incapable or has no venue. Only patients who have been equipped with hearing aids can be referred to the outside stores for sale.

Hearing aid purchase

The outside hearing aid stores or fitting centers are all equipped with professional fitters. The level above is definitely higher than the sales staff of the hospital. At the same time, these hearing aids are directly purchased by the manufacturers, and necessary Services such as audiometry, fitting and after-sales maintenance. The most important thing is the level of the fitter. A good hearing aid is generally at the level of the fitter.

Here is another question, can you go online to buy it? Now the e-commerce industry is so developed, a treasure, dog east, there is no way to buy, the key is still cheap, the evaluation is not bad.

Here I would like to say, you buy a cup, buy a pillow, you go online to buy is very affordable, but this is a hearing aid, this stuff can buy it online, your process of buying glasses is like, you Will you buy directly online, are to go to the offline store, go to the optometry, determine the degree of the eye, then choose glasses, try on, right. If you wear glasses that don’t match your degree, not only will you wear it uncomfortably, but wearing it for a long time will also lead to a deeper eyesight.

The same is true for hearing aids, and it is more complicated and more precise than glasses. We need to check first, know the hearing loss and nature of the hearing, and then go to the fitting center for audiometry, try on, and choose a hearing aid.

Therefore, if you want to buy a hearing aid, it is recommended to go to the fitting center or the store to buy, must ensure after-sales service and maintenance, the early hearing aids need to be frequently debugged, so be sure to have a guarantee.

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