Is there a division of labor in the left and right ears?

The division of labor between the left and right brains in our brains is not the same. So is our ear also divided by the brain?


Researchers at California State University recently discovered that just as people have a division of labor in the left and right brains, people have different hearings on their left and right ears: the right ear can handle speech better, while the left ear is good at handling tones and music.

Singer, a researcher at the University of California, said that people generally think that the left and right ears of people deal with sound in the same way, and therefore think that no matter which ear of a person has a problem, the damage to human beings is the same.

But this is not the case. According to reports, Sninger and her colleagues are3000Hearing studies were performed in a number of newborns, with miniature detectors embedded in the baby’s ears to sense two different sounds and to measure the vibrations caused by the sound entering the ear. The results of the study show that speech can cause more vibration in the right ear, while the left ear senses the tone and music more strongly.

This is the same as the ability to handle both language and music in the two hemispheres of the human brain, except that the position is just the opposite. At the same time, the researchers also believe that this finding also proves that the generation of hearing before the brain receives the sound information, the ear can distinguish different types of sound, and then pass it to the brain.

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