The importance of hearing

Hearing, vision, smell, and touch are all very important feelings of our human body. They are all indispensable. Today we will explore hearing.

The sound is felt by the feeling and analysis of the auditory system. The hearing is accomplished by the joint activities of the ear, the auditory nerve, and the auditory center. The auditory organ is the ear, and the ear is divided into the middle ear, the inner ear and the outer ear. When we communicate with people, hearing is a very important organ. Once a loss occurs, we must pay attention to it.


When we are learning the language, the four basic skills that are often emphasized are “listening,” “speaking,” “reading,” and “writing.” Among the four, listening is the number one, which shows the importance of hearing.

We need to use our hearing everywhere in our lives. Imagine that you are walking on the road without hearing. You may be hit by a car that is crossing everywhere at any time. When you want to listen to beautiful music, because you are not hearing. I can’t enjoy it. When I want to talk to others, I can’t get into it because I don’t have hearing. Some people say that it’s not a scorpion. I will get used to it slowly. Yes, maybe you will get used to it, but before you get used to it and get used to it. During this time, do you think it will be very comfortable? When you are in a silent world, you know how terrible it is without hearing.

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