These summer sports can hurt your ears.

Summer is coming, but it also means the time for outdoor activities. However, many outdoor activities are accompanied by noise that can cause damage to your hearing and can cause hearing loss.

In addition to regular summer sports, summer activities that may be harmful to hearing include:


This activity has a lot of noise and the normal noise level can be reached.80decibel. Therefore, when riding a yacht, keep away from the motor and the speed should not be too high.



Noise level can be reached85Decibel, the noise level can exceed when driving at full speed105decibel. Ear protectors should be used when performing this activity.



It is also a very noisy activity, and the noise level can reach85Decibel or higher. Therefore, when riding a motorcycle, the helmet should be used for safety reasons or to protect hearing.


4: Golf

Titanium clubs make a lot of noise when they collide with the ball, which can cause hearing damage. Therefore, earplugs should be used when performing this activity.


Use ear protectors

The maximum noise level that the ear can withstand is85decibel.

And the noise level of the above summer activities is80Decibel to140Between decibels, if you are in such a noisy environment for a long time, your hearing will be hurt.

The louder the noise, the more difficult it is for the ear to withstand.

Therefore, we recommend using ear protectors for activities where the noise level exceeds 85 decibels.

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