What to pay attention to when wearing a hearing aid for the first time

Many hearing patients who are just starting to wear hearing aids have an idea that they can be as good as the real ear after wearing the hearing aid. The expectation is too high and the result is often disappointing to the hearing aid.

Here we highlight the precautions for wearing a hearing aid for the first time.

First of all, the first point is very important. The hearing aid must be auditioned by the person. Many people ask someone to bring a hearing aid to him for convenience or to save money and buy one on the Internet. Some children are very filial. Indeed, they go abroad to buy a very expensive hearing aid. The result is often unsatisfactory. Therefore, when we buy a hearing aid, we must listen to it in the place where we buy it. Try a few more models and choose one of your favorite hearing aids. Be sure to wear a comfortable one that sounds clear.

Secondly, after wearing the hearing aid, you should pay attention to an adaptation period. Especially those friends whose hearing loss has been going on for a while, always give your ears an adaptation process.

Adaptive hearing aid

Wear it at first2 ~ 3Hours or so, mainly in a quiet environment, after the habit is increased to4 ~ 5Hours, you can go to a slightly noisy environment, such as the park downstairs in the community, and then increase the time to6 ~ 7Hours, wear to go to the road, but pay attention to the time not too long, and finally8More than an hour is basically fully adapted, can be worn in any environment, the general adaptation time is15 ~ 30Around day, depending on the individual’s hearing loss, age and other factors will change. Generally speaking, the younger the age, the smaller the hearing loss, and the shorter the adaptation time.

Hearing aid maintenance

There is also the maintenance of hearing aids. The life of a typical hearing aid is6 ~ 8Around the year, there are always a few people who will say why my hearing aids are used.3Years are broken? Even use it1In the past year, the maintenance and repair of such products as hearing aids is quite critical. It is very likely that because of a damp, some dust, or a broken one, it will affect the hearing.

Especially in the current rainy season, pay more attention to moisture. Remember to open the battery compartment door every night, take out the battery, and put it in the dry box to keep it dry. Pay attention to prevent sweat from flowing in the weektime exercise, sweat on the hearing aid. The corrosion effect is more serious than the general rainwater, and it is also necessary to pay attention to anti-drop and anti-shock during the movement. At the same time, we have to go to the place where we purchase regularly for a maintenance. Prevent damage to the hearing aid.

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