Protect your ears, simple love ear exercises

Massages, sputum and other actions in the ear can help relieve hearing fatigue and improve hearing sensitivity. Next, I will learn to do a “love ear” with Xiaobu. I hope everyone can have a good ear and listen to the colorful world better!

One by one1揉Auricle: The forefinger’s index finger is bent into a hook, such as the shape of the auricle, and the thumb is in the lower jaw.50About a second, until the ears are hot;


One by one2Ming ears: Pull the index finger out into the ear and pull it out immediately. Note that the strength of the finger should be light, the distance between the ears should not be too deep, and the force should be prevented from hurting the eardrum too much;

Bright ear

One by one3Wake up the ear bones: the middle finger of the hands is placed on the back of the ear, the index finger is placed on the middle finger, and then the natural finger slides down and hits the back of the ear.30About

Wake up the ear bones

One by one4Deafening the ear: Open your hands and rub each other, then quickly cover your ears and release them.10About a second.

Deafening ear

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