What should I do if the hearing aid is in the water?

Hearing patients will always have a few accidents after wearing the hearing aids. For example, if you have a basin of water around you, what should you do if the hearing aid falls and falls into the water?

In fact, most of the digital hearing aids now have a certain waterproof function. As long as the immersion time is not very long, after taking out in time, some scientific treatment methods can be carried out, and the hearing aid can continue to work.

Hearing aid dehumidifier

First, clean the surface of the hearing aid, wipe it off with a cotton cloth, then remove the sputum guard, open the battery compartment door, and then put the hearing aid into the dry box, let it dry naturally, remember not to use Dry the dryer or dryer. Then send the hearing aid to the center of the purchase as soon as possible for vacuum dehumidification.

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