What should I do if I suspect hearing loss?

If you suspect hearing loss, you should check it in time. The sooner you find and intervene, the better the effect of hearing rehabilitation. Over age50After the age, you should check your hearing regularly every year, just like a health check. Common listening function checks include:

Otoscopy: Observe the external auditory canal of the patient using an otoscope that has been sterilized. It is found that sputum embolism, foreign body in the external auditory canal, empyema, redness and ulceration, or narrowing of the external auditory canal, tympanic membrane perforation, etc., can be treated by drugs or surgery.

Hearing loss

Pure tone audiometry: Let the subject hear the sound of different tones through the headphones and give a “hear” response. Determine the extent of hearing loss.

Acoustic impedance test: One of the tests for the diagnosis of hearing loss properties, excluding hearing loss due to middle ear dysfunction.

Otoacoustic emission test: The physiological function of the inner ear is detected by an otoacoustic emission tester.

Threshold function test: For elderly people with hearing loss and tinnitus, it is used to identify the lesion and to determine whether there is re-vibration.

Auditory brainstem evoked potential test: assist in the diagnosis of post-cochlear lesions such as cochlear and brainstem, and more detailed judgment of lesion location and nature.

After a series of professional examinations, the hearing specialist can basically determine the type and extent of hearing loss and determine whether treatment or hearing aids are needed for hearing rehabilitation.

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