The hearing aid has no sound on the ground, what should I do?

Some hearing patients can easily get rid of hearing aids because of their improper operation or carelessness. Our hearing aids are high-precision electronic products that are afraid of falling.

Hearing aid shockproof

After the hearing aid falls to the ground, if there is no sound or the sound is getting smaller, a battery compartment that may be the hearing aid is loosened. You can check if the battery compartment is loose. If there is no problem in the battery compartment, then it may be a hearing aid. The microphone is damaged, or the connection of the three major parts inside the hearing aid is damaged.

Hearing aids can be used normally when dropped to the ground. This situation is fortunate. Generally, the height of the drop is relatively low, or it is dropped to a soft place. Friends who are not at ease can also bring back to the factory to help check.

When the hearing aid falls to the ground, the outer casing splits. In this case, if you continue to wear the hearing aid, there will be a howling sound. If you fall seriously, you may not be able to wear it.

Hearing aid drop

The hearing aid fell to the ground and was crushed. This situation is also happening. Some people find that the hearing aid is gone. The script can move. The result is that it is completely light and broken, and some people are The hearing aid was dropped on the side of the road, causing the passing vehicles to fly directly past, and the crushed and shredded ones were completely unusable. In this case, bring the warranty card and hearing aid back to the fitting center and return it to the factory for repair. A small fee may be charged, provided that during the warranty period, if it is not in the warranty period, the maintenance fee will be much.

Basically, there are several situations in which the hearing aids fall behind. Then we will summarize a few points. Generally, if the hearing aids are purchased at the store or the fitting center, there is a certain warranty period. The warranty card is very important. Don’t lose it, then remember the hearing aid after the damage, don’t take it apart, bring the problem back to the place of purchase, let the professional staff check the repair for you, if they can’t make it, send your hearing aid back. Factory repairs, in some stores, because you disassemble the hearing aids to cause damage, maintenance is to pay.

Finally, remember that hearing aids must be handled with care, shockproof and anti-fall!

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