Hearing self-test method

You can check if your hearing is a problem by answering the following questions.

1.I have often felt that people’s conversations have not been clear in the past. □ Yes □ No

2.Do you understand difficulties when listening to soft whispers? □ Yes □ No

3.Do you feel tired after a long conversation? □ Yes □ No

4.Always ask others “What do you say?” □ Yes □ No

5.The party often can’t hear what others are talking about? □ Yes □ No

6.Can’t hear what others say in a noisy environment? □ Yes □ No

7.Is it difficult to call and talk? □ Yes □ No

8.Feeling a change in tone or a small voice when listening to a song or listening to a play? □ Yes □ No

9.Do you often hear the phone bell and doorbell? □ Yes □ No

10Do you often hear snoring or snoring (tinnitus) in your ears? □ Yes □ No

11Does anyone think that your radio or TV volume is too loud? □ Yes □ No

12Do friends and family around you think your hearing is declining? □ Yes □ No

If the above question you have3Or3If you choose more than one, it means that your hearing may have problems. Go to the hospital to check your hearing and early intervention.

Hearing test

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