Prevention of otitis media misunderstanding

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Misunderstanding 1: no earache, ear canal pus, it is not otitis media

Expert opinion: not all otitis media have earache and ear canal pus.

Expert analysis: otitis media includes acute, chronic bacterial (suppurative) otitis media, catarrhal (secretory) otitis media, cholesteatoma otitis media and other types. Ear canal overflow, ear pain in the acute phase is the main symptom of suppurative otitis media. Secretory otitis media generally has no symptoms of ear canal discharge, and less ear pain, but only problems such as ear nausea and hearing loss. Part of cholesteatoma otitis media can also have no symptoms of ear canal discharge.

Because of the mild symptoms of secretory middle ear inflammation, generally no ear pain and suppuration, it is easy to be missed and misdiagnosed. It is worth noting that childhood is a high incidence of secretory otitis media, because children’s eustachian tube is relatively straight, nasopharyngeal cavity is small, rhinitis and sinusitis are more common, when acute upper respiratory tract infection occurs, eustachian tube mucosa Easy to edema, secondary eustachian tube obstruction, leading to secretory otitis media. At the same time, because children generally do not complain about symptoms, it is more likely to delay treatment. Parents should be vigilant if they find that their children are overwhelmed when they watch TV, or when they are talking to people and ask others to speak something unusual.

Myth 2: The incidence of non-suppurative otitis media is low and the harm is small.

Expert opinion: Non-suppurative otitis media is no less harmful than suppurative otitis media.

Expert analysis: Non-suppurative otitis media, because the symptoms are not obvious, often lead to different levels of hearing damage in the “unconsciously”, compared with the “obvious” suppurative otitis media, the patient’s early visit rate is low, improper treatment or delayed treatment It is easy to develop into chronic otitis media, which is more harmful. Occult cholesteatoma otitis media can also cause complications such as facial paralysis, meningitis, and brain abscess. In severe cases, it can be life-threatening.

Misunderstanding 3: As long as there is an ear canal “water, pus”, it is otitis media

Expert opinion: There are many reasons for the ear canal “water, pus”.

Expert analysis: In addition to otitis media, many ear diseases also have “water” symptoms. For example, external auditory canal, sometimes can be expressed as the ear canal “water”, with bacterial infection, there will be pus. The main difference between it and otitis media is that the former tympanic membrane is intact and there is no perforation. In addition, when the external auditory canal hair follicles are swollen and ulcerated, and the external auditory canal tumor is followed by bacterial infection, it may also have pus.

Misunderstanding 4: When the ear canal is pus, it is not suitable for surgery

Expert opinion: surgery does not affect the operation of the ear canal.

Expert analysis: In the past, due to the limitations of medical technology, most patients with chronic otitis media and cholesteatoma otitis media were treated with conservative drugs. If surgery is really needed, it must be stopped for more than half a year, otherwise it will affect the surgical results. Nowadays, due to the development of otology microsurgery, patients with recurrent chronic otitis media can undergo surgery even during the suppuration period, without having to worry about whether pus will affect the surgical effect.

Myth 5: Otitis media surgery can completely restore hearing and eliminate tinnitus

Expert opinion: It is unrealistic to expect that hearing will return to normal immediately after surgery and tinnitus will disappear immediately.

Expert analysis: The course of otitis media is long, long-term inflammatory stimulation will affect the inner ear system, patients may have varying degrees of sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus. Although otolitis tympanoplasty can completely remove the lesion and reconstruct the ossicle, it can only partially or largely restore the hearing loss caused by osseoinjury and tympanic membrane perforation. It is not effective for sensorineural hearing loss and can not directly reduce tinnitus symptoms. However, the removal of the lesion is helpful for the indirect recovery of tinnitus.

Myth 6: Treating otitis media, just take antibiotics.

Expert opinion: Antibiotics are only one of the treatments for otitis media.

Expert analysis: This view is relatively one-sided, the treatment of otitis media is many, not as simple as eating antibiotics. For example, patients with secretory otitis media mainly treat the cause (such as rhinitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infection, etc.), and can choose nasal drops, proprietary Chinese medicines, antibiotics, etc.; in patients with acute otitis media, in addition to antibiotics, patients with earache Ear drops are also needed; patients with chronic otitis media with otitis media should be treated as early as possible.

Misunderstanding 7: otitis media has been repeatedly treated and cannot be cured

Expert opinion: Some otitis media can be cured.

Expert analysis: The main reason for repeated episodes of otitis media and prolonged unhealed is that drug treatment can not completely remove inflammatory lesions, and the tympanic membrane is not repaired, resulting in water in the middle ear tympanic cavity and secondary inflammation. With the development of otology microsurgery, some otitis media, such as chronic otitis media and cholesteatoma otitis media, can be cured by surgery.

Misunderstanding 8: Prevention of otitis media, as long as the ear canal is waterproof

Expert opinion: Preventing ear canal influx is only effective for tympanic membrane perforators.

Expert analysis: Prevention of ear canal water intake only has a certain effect on chronic otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, and has little effect on other types of otitis media. For example, secretory otitis media and acute bacterial otitis media, due to its connection with the structure of the communicating nose and ears – obstruction of the eustachian tube, all diseases that easily lead to obstruction of the eustachian tube need to be prevented, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, Nasal polyps, acute upper respiratory tract infections, nasal tumors, hypertrophy of children’s proliferators, etc. In addition, when catching a cold and stuffy nose, try not to suck back the nose frequently and forcefully. When the air pressure changes drastically (such as when the plane is falling), it is helpful to prevent the occurrence of otitis media by blowing air into the ear and chewing gum.

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