Tinnitus hazard

Tinnitus has always been considered a disease that only the 60s and 70s old people will get, but now there are also a handful of young people with tinnitus, like Judy, Bar, KaraOKWait, these relatively loud places, long-term can easily lead to the emergence of tinnitus, and neurological tinnitus is a special form of tinnitus, mainly stressing the patient’s subjective feelings, then, what harm will we have after suffering from tinnitus? ?

Tinnitus hazard

一. Emotions, after tinnitus, especially long-term tinnitus, often cause irritability, anxiety, and then affect sleep, which can lead to pessimistic, depressed psychological emotions, and this situation will increase over time, Over time, the patients with tinnitus will increase the psychological burden, the spirit is too tight, and then will affect the work life.

二. Psychological burden, severe and persistent tinnitus patients often have a kind of psychological pressure, that is, fear that there will be catastrophic lesions at any time, so that there will be a deep fear of psychological, with a great psychological burden.

三. Affect the family. When you have tinnitus, you must take medicine if you want to treat it. In general, tinnitus is a long-term medication that can be cured. There are also some instruments, examinations, etc., which require a lot of Economic support, and because of tinnitus, your sleep will certainly not be good, sleep well may cause other diseases, and ultimately affect work and life, as well as the family.

At the same time, patients with tinnitus may suffer from hearing loss. The pure tone hearing loss of speech frequency is enough to affect the whole social interaction and daily life of the patient. When the speech recognition rate is reduced, people will be repeatedly asked to repeat the speech during the communication process. Often accused of being blamed, but not understood, eventually temperament, easy to lose temper, and disruption of interpersonal relationships.

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