What are the reasons for the ears creaking?

What are the reasons for the ears creaking?

In general, if there is a crackling sound in the ear, most of it istinnituscaused.

If there is no sound source of sound at all, but subjectively feels a variety of sounds, this istinnitus. Tinnitus is an intractable disease, and the cause of the disease is more complicated. Let us first discuss the following points:

The first one is physiologicaltinnitusPhysiological tinnitus is the tinnitus caused by the normal physiological activities of the human body. For example, we cover our ears with our hands or we can lie on the pillows in the lateral direction and let the ears hear the sound of the ears. This is also the tinnitus. Do not believe the little friends can try it.


Secondly, the disease of the ear is also causedtinnitusThe so-called pathological tinnitus, there are many diseases that can cause tinnitus, such as external ear disease, external auditory canal, sputum embolism, foreign body of the outer ear, etc. can causetinnitus. Cardiovascular diseases can also be caused, such as jugular spheroid tumors, small blood vessels in the ear, vascular malformations, hemangioma, etc. Therefore, we find that if we have a certain disease, we must seek medical treatment in time. If it is delayed for a long time, it may cause other problems. In the end, it will only lead to more and more diseases.

Some bad habits in our daily life, such as smoking and drinking, for a long time, let alonetinnitusThe other organs of your body will also be damaged. There is also caffeine, everyone knows, but caffeine will make the tinnitus worse, so patients with tinnitus should not consume caffeine, so they just ask for it.

At the same time one of the most common reasons: noise. Nowadays, this social noise is everywhere. Various entertainment noises and mechanical noises are not rare. Now almost everyone uses mobile phones, and most people use headphones. In this case, many people use headphones to adjust the volume very much. Large, long time will naturally cause damage to the ear, some patients with tinnitus will be accompanied by hearing loss, and some people will not, but one thing,tinnitusIt is not going to cause or aggravate the decline in hearing. This is clearly defined.


Those who are in the long runtinnitusThe patients will develop anxiety, irritability and other negative emotions, and because tinnitus will cause you to suffer from long-term lack of sleep, affecting your health, so when we find ourselves sufferingtinnitusWhen you are in time, be sure to seek medical advice in a timely manner. Although tinnitus cannot be treated, you can use your medical technology to get used to or slow down your tinnitus.

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