Do you know how to choose a hearing aid?

Many hearing patients choose to wear hearing aids when they experience hearing loss, but do you know how to choose hearing aids?

First of all, the first point is very important. Hearing aids belong to medical device products. They cannot be purchased casually. Many people buy directly online for the convenience of cheap, and then wear them. The final result is often to make the effect unsatisfactory, and also let yourself The hearing is even more declining.

It is important to remember that hearing aids require professional fitting. Patients should go to a professional fitting center for hearing tests, and then listen to their hearing conditions and choose a suitable hearing aid.

Hearing aid selection

Which brand of hearing aid is good? This is one of the most common problems we hear when we fit a patient.

Brand is really not a problem, it is really not a big head, we generally do not need to entangle and choose which brand, a good hearing aid is not a brand but a fitting.

Then the after-sales of the hearing aid is also a big head. Why did I say that I can’t buy the hearing aid directly on the Internet? This is one of the reasons. The hearing aid is very important after the sale. The hearing aid is not like the glasses, and it is finished. When the hearing aid is worn, it needs to be debugged several times. At the same time, the hearing aid is also a product that needs frequent maintenance. The life of the general hearing aid is5 ~ 8About a year or so, if you do not carry out regular maintenance, you may use2.3Years are scrapped, of course, as long as you are in place.10Year is possible, before we have a customer here, a hearing aid is used16Years, I can imagine how much care he cares about everyday.

When choosing a hearing aid, we can choose a hearing aid product that is small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption, easy to use, and convenient to maintain.

Hearing aid brand

Then we have to go to the precious hearing aid store or the fitting center to buy. The skill of the fitter is very important for our optional hearing aid. The after-sales service must be guaranteed. If there is no after-sales guarantee, go immediately. People, don’t even think about it.

Finally, the price of hearing aids that everyone cares most about. The price of hearing aids is from hundreds to tens of thousands. Each brand and each grade of hearing aid has its own characteristics. Here is a standard low-end machine (<8000yuan/台)
高端机(>20000yuan/Taiwan), remember that this is only a standard of price, not that the low-end machine must be bad, the high-end machine must be good, if you are a mild hearing loss patient, you have a2.3Do you think it is necessary for a hearing aid of 10,000? The same is true for severe patients. You are all serious. If you buy a few thousand dollars, can you have any effect? ​​So, what kind of hearing aids you choose depends on your hearing loss.

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