Why are some people audible but inaudible?

We have met many patients who say they are ignorant and complain that they can hear but can’t hear clearly. So why is this? What caused it?

In layman’s terms, normal hearing should include two aspects of ability: not only to hear, but also to hear clearly. Otherwise, communication will not proceed normally. If you can see it clearly, you will definitely see it. You can’t see it clearly. Listening is also true. If you hear it clearly, you must hear it. If you hear it, you may not hear it clearly.

Inductive neurological deafness

In an environment that is too noisy, because the acoustic signal itself becomes ambiguous, people with normal hearing cannot hear it; a small sound will produce a similar situation. But this is not the whole problem.

The inner ear has the ability to analyze acoustic signals. After the inner ear is damaged, the hearing analysis ability will be significantly reduced. But because we have enough room for hearing resolution, we don’t have to100%The hearing can also ensure that we understand. Therefore, less severe inner ear damage does not cause the patient to completely lose auditory resolution.

The damage to the inner ear or the hearing center is the main cause of inaudibility. Unfortunately, most patients with neuropathic sputum have damage to the inner ear and the hearing center, but only to varying degrees. Therefore, many patients with neural crest complain that they can hear but can’t hear clearly.

Therefore, when we have such a phenomenon, our hearing has been declining, and our body has given us a signal, so we must wear hearing aids as early as possible to maintain the stimulation of the central nervous system, which is beneficial to delay the degradation of auditory ability. harm.

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