What is going on with poor hearing after wearing a hearing aid?

Many people think that wearing a hearing aid will only make the hearing worse and worse. In fact, this is a considerable misunderstanding. Under normal circumstances, this phenomenon is impossible.

Some people have to talk about it. There is a friend around me who is not listening well. Then I wear a hearing aid. After wearing it for a while, the hearing is worse than before. Then there is a real case here. What is the reason?

Hearing aid technology has developed in China20In the past few years, many people are not very familiar with this line. When they experience hearing loss, they don’t pay much attention to it. Some people are still a little better. They know that hearing loss should wear a hearing aid, and then they go online to buy one. As a result, the phenomenon of getting worn and getting worse and hearing is getting worse.

The more the hearing aid is worn

Many people know that glasses need optometry, but I don’t know that a hearing aid needs a professional fit.

They bought a piece of clothing and they really heard the sound. They also like to enlarge the sound. When they wear it, they can hear more sounds. But when they amplify the sound, they will also amplify the noise together. Naturally, it causes secondary damage to the hearing of the ear, resulting in worse and worse hearing.

Secondly, the patient himself has progressive hearing loss, such as: typical large vestibule, Meniere’s disease, or senile deafness. These hearing loss itself will continue or suddenly decline, and it has nothing to do with wearing a hearing aid. There are also some psychological reasons. After wearing a hearing aid, there will be some dependence. There will be a feeling that the hearing is worse than before, but if you go to the hearing test, the hearing will be the same as before.

Therefore, we need to know that when wearing a hearing aid, it is necessary to have a professional fitting. It must be checked by a professional fitter. Then, according to the different degree of hearing loss of each person, determine which type of hearing aid to use. Buying it online will only make your hearing more degrading and damage your residual hearing.

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