What is otitis media?

Blockage in the ear? Swelling? Tinnitus? Hearing loss? What is going on? The ENT experts tell us that this is a typical symptom of otitis media. And there are very few people who understand this disease. So, what kind of disease is it?

Otitis media, as the name implies, is inflammation of the middle ear. There are many factors that can induce otitis media in life. Understanding these factors will help you to prevent more and prevent all the damage caused by otitis media.

1. Cold: After a cold, the inflammation of the nasopharynx spreads to the eustachian tube. The pathogenic bacteria invade the middle ear and cause otitis media. Therefore, preventing cold can effectively reduce the incidence of otitis media.

2. Improper snoring: improper snoring can easily trigger otitis media. The correct method is to first hold down one side of the nostril, and use a little force to pull out the nose of the opposite nostril, and then use the same method to rub the other side.

3. Swimming: When swimming, water enters the middle ear through the nasopharynx and causes otitis media. Therefore, experts remind everyone to avoid diarrhea in the water when swimming, in order to prevent the occurrence of otitis media.

4. Breastfeeding posture: improper breastfeeding posture, milk can cause otitis media through the eustachian tube into the middle ear. Therefore, when feeding, take a seat, hold the baby in an oblique position, and suck the milk vertically.

5. Smoking: Nicotine in the cigarette enters the bloodstream, causing the small blood vessels to sputum and increase the viscosity, causing insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, inducing otitis media, and causing permanent deafness in patients.

Common symptoms of otitis media

Otitis media often causes symptoms such as swelling or blockage in the ear, hearing loss or tinnitus, which often occurs after a cold or unconsciously. Therefore, if such symptoms occur, you must pay attention.

1. Hearing loss: hearing loss, self-improvement. It is manifested that the turning of the head can be improved from time to time and sometimes blocked. If only one ear is sick, it may not be detected for a long time.

2. Earache: Acute otitis media will have persistent faint earache or sometimes pain, but not obvious in chronic patients. It can be accompanied by occlusion or numbness in the ear, and pressing the tragus can be temporarily relieved.

3. Tinnitus: Mostly low-key intermittent, such as “click” sound, hum and sound. When the head is moving or yawning or blowing your nose, there may be a sound of gas over the ear.

[Expert reminder] Do not ignore the existence of otitis media, it not only has a great impact on people’s normal work and life, if not treated in time, repeated inflammation is also very easy to induce bone type or cholesteatoma type Otitis media, if the bone is eroded, may lead to intracranial and extracranial complications such as facial nerve spasm, meningitis, brain abscess, and even endanger the patient’s life. Therefore, experts urge that once the above-mentioned similar symptoms appear, it is necessary to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid causing greater harm.

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