Hearing aids have no dependence

Nowadays, hearing loss is no longer a disease for the elderly. Young people and children will have such problems. Generally speaking, after hearing loss, we will choose to go to the hospital for examination, and then the doctor will recommendWearing a hearing aid. So why do some people especially exclude hearing aids?

Wearing a hearing aid

Especially for some elderly people, they think there is a dependence on hearing aids.

In their cognition, hearing aids will wear more and more, long-termWearing a hearing aidAfter we have adapted and picked it up later, the hearing is not as good as before, and the brain’s response is slow.

But actually this is a very very wrong idea in hearing patientsWearing a hearing aidAfter that, whether it is from the volume or clarity of the sound, it is much better than when the hearing aid is not worn. The patient does not need to be very careful and effortless to identify the sound. For a long time, the patient’s auditory center is adapted. I have always maintained a relaxed state, and when they took off the hearing aid, they did not adapt.

For example, the person we wear glasses, for a long time, used to wear glasses to see things, let you suddenly take off the glasses, you said you can feel comfortable.

This effect can be explainedHearing aidIt is working. This is not a dependency, but an inertia. As long as you go to a hearing test, you will find that your hearing was the same before the hearing aid.

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