How do we choose a hearing aid, can we go to the hospital?

There are many reasons for our hearing loss, such as otitis media, noise damage, etc. When we have hearing loss, we will go to the otolaryngology clinic of the hospital for an examination. Then check the identification results. If your hearing situation is that you need to wear a hearing aid, then the doctor will recommend you to the fitting center.Optional hearing aid.

Then why do we go to the fitting center, can’t we directly match it in the hospital?

The ear, nose and mouth department of the hospital is mainly for a clinical treatment, and the fittings of the fitting center are professionally trained. The nature of the work is different. It can be said that it is a mutual benefit. Partnership.

A good hearing aid is generally at the level of the tester. The hearing aid fitter is to evaluate the hearing of the hearing patient through pure tone audiometry and speech recognition, and then select the appropriate hearing aid for the hearing patient based on this result.

So how do we choose a hearing aid?

Optional hearing aid

We need to choose the corresponding power hearing aid according to our own hearing loss, so that we can compensate the patient’s hearing more effectively.

Then, the patient’s daily life environment is more choices. Some patients are in a relatively noisy environment for a long time. In this case, the hearing aid is required to have a higher noise reduction function, and the price will naturally be more expensive, if it is only quieter. In the environment, then you do not need such a high noise reduction function of the former, generally.

Each patient’s preferences and requirements for sound are also different. We need to hang the appropriate hearing aid according to the requirements of the hearing patient’s sound quality.

Hearing aid fitting

Another point is that for the family, a hearing aid is basically a thousand dollars, and a good one will cost tens of thousands. We need to choose the appropriate hearing aid according to the patient’s family economic conditions.

The last point is that we must understand that when we choose a hearing aid, we must remember that we must personally try it out. Some people will drag others to bring a hearing aid back for the convenience of the map, and then Directly put on, and those “good old people” who help them with hearing aids should also know that you are harming them and wearing hearing aids that are incompatible with hearing loss. For a long time, only hearing loss will be further reduced, resulting in more and more hearing. difference.

So for the safety of hearing with you and your friends, please don’t “good old people” anymore.

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