Will work stress cause hearing loss?

The causes of hearing loss can be said to be many and many types. One of them is that stress is high and it will lead to hearing loss.

For people in today’s society, whether they are children or young people, they all have their own pressure, students have academic pressure, and office workers have work pressure, especially for the present.90Later, at a young age, they were heavily in debt, and all the messy loans were backed up.

Stress from work

I was led by a leader every day, and I also gave you a chicken soup every day.996In fact, working overtime to eleven o’clock every day is normal. Every day, day after day, year after year, the people are doing the work, and the liver is broken.

Ok, let’s get back to the topic. Why do you say that stress has caused hearing loss?

Long-term work pressure is too large, the spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, the inner ear is stimulated to cause paralysis and obstruction of the auditory nerve capillaries, causing blood supply disorders in the inner ear, neuroepithelial ischemia, and insufficient necrosis of feeding, so that hearing is reduced without warning.

I believe that there must be a group of people who have experienced short-term hearing loss and even sudden deafness caused by overwork, but because they are all short-lived and work too busy, they have not taken care of him at all. After a long time, it will naturally become long-term, and irreversible hearing loss.

Therefore, we must work and rest in life, do not get rid of their own hair at a young age, pay attention to daily rest, hearing loss prevention is the big head.

high pressure

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