What is the feeling of ear nausea?

I was aware of a patient’s problem yesterday, and he said this:

In the mall, or outside, there is a feeling that the ear is blocked. It is a bit unclear to talk. Is that the feeling after the ear has entered the water is what is going on?

Sometimes I stayed outdoors for a long time, or in a shopping mall, where there are many people, there will be a feeling that the ear is blocked. I feel that there is gas in the ear, and I can’t speak loudly, and the ear is screaming. If you hold your nose and suck it, it will be normal for a while, or when a person is staying, it will be normal. If you go back, will I have this symptom alone?

The above is his question. The following paragraph is a brief description of him. In fact, the first reflection after I read this description is耳闷The ear nausea is what we say in the ear, basically the ear suffocation is accompanied by tinnitus, hearing loss and other symptoms, it can be said that it is quite uncomfortable, ear nausea is a timely treatment, such as some because of the eustachian tube Patients with ear suffocation caused by abnormal function will cause secretory otitis media for a long time.


basically耳闷The cause is mainly caused by lesions in the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear.

For example, the sputum blockage in the outer ear is caused by it. There are some children. Most of them are because they are young, not sensible, and curious. They like to put some small things, such as marbles, soybeans, small batteries and other foreign objects. It is stuffed into the external auditory canal, and there are some small flying insects in the summer. It is also caused by flying into our ear canal.

Because I also said before, ear nausea can cause tinnitus and hearing loss, so we need timely treatment, then how do you judge whether you have ear nausea?

One isEar blockageEar blockage is a symptom of sudden deafness, and is generally preceded by deafness. It is extremely fast and may reach full sputum within a few minutes.

There is anotherIn-ear occlusionIt means that the ear is blocked by a mass of cotton, and then you will feel that you have hearing loss, tinnitus, etc., as I said earlier, it will be otitis media for a long time.


I feel that I have this phenomenon or a similar phenomenon, regardless of whether it is tinnitus, go to the hospital for examination, determine the cause, and then carry out targeted treatment. If the doctor feels that the condition is serious, he can perform surgery. Don’t think it will be a little while, then no matter what, the ear disease is absolutely undelayable, and seek medical advice in time to prevent the disease from getting worse.

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