What should you pay attention to when communicating with the hearing aid wearer?

1. Shorten the conversation distance

It is best to talk face-to-face with patients with hearing loss. Don’t talk in another room or where you can’t hear you.

2. Speak in a normal and moderate tone

Talking to a person wearing a hearing aid does not require a loud shout, and shouting loudly not only distort the voice, but also makes it difficult for the listener to feel uncomfortable.

3. Don’t talk too fast or talk

This will make the other party feel at a loss, as long as you slow down a little and notify the listener before switching topics, so that you are mentally prepared, so that it is easy to understand the conversation.

4. Get the attention of the listener before speaking

If you pat the listener in the back, when you are in a meeting or group discussion, raise your hand before speaking, so that the listener is psychologically prepared to concentrate on listening to you.

5. Simplify complex sentences

Complex sentences are often difficult to understand, and it’s best to use short, clear sentences, or to simplify a complex sentence into a few short sentences.

6. Reorganizing sentences

If the listener doesn’t hear what you are saying, try to express your meaning in another way. Reorganizing the sentence can provide additional information so that you can easily understand the conversation.

7. Allow more time to talk

Hearing loss patients need a very focused listening and reorganization time to fully understand the conversation, so you should slowly express your speech when you speak. Don’t try to express many messages in a short time so that both parties can enjoy.

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