Want to protect your hearing, then stay away from these places.

Hearing is a kind of indispensable sense, but now there are not many people who have lost hearing because of various reasons.

There are many places to pay attention to in protecting hearing. Today we will discuss the places that are easy for us to lose hearing and suffer damage.


The first is where many of our young people love to go:Ktv,bar. These places are the favorite places for young people to entertain. After the busy work, they have to go to these places to indulge themselves, but you know, the noise in these places can basically reach95db~105dbLeft and right, long-term in such an environment can cause noise deafness.

There are also some construction sites, where the pile driver, when you pass by, hear those screaming sounds can kill you, let alone stay there for a long time. But there are so many people who can’t do it, those who are in the working environment for a long time. For those workers, what they need to do besides going home to maintain their ears and pay attention to diet, I also recommend that they can buy a pair of noise-reducing earplugs to protect their hearing. Wearing earplugs in the work environment can effectively reduce30dbThe noise around us greatly protects our hearing.


There are also many high-noise environments, such as airports, tractors, etc., we must try to stay away from these places to prevent hearing damage. Remember that many types of hearing loss are irreversible, we must take prevention as the main The treatment is supplemented, although it is natural that people will get old-age deafness, but as long as your prevention work is done, it will not be3.40When I was old, I was paralyzed.

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