What are the mistakes in wearing a hearing aid?

When we wear hearing aids, there are often some misunderstandings. I will sort out for you here, of course not all. If there are any omissions, don’t care.

Myth 1: I feel that my hearing is not good.

This is very “death”. You think that your hearing is okay. In fact, your hearing has dropped a lot. When you feel that you can’t do it, it is really impossible. Many people just think it is okay. As soon as the delay occurred, the hearing loss was too serious, resulting in more and more embarrassment. In the end, it was basically unclear, basically in hearing loss.40dbYou can choose to wear a hearing aid left and right.

Myth 2: Hearing aids have dependence, but the hearing has dropped.

I have written an article specifically for this. I said to everyone that you can rest assured that this phenomenon will not occur unless you are a large vestibule, which is a force majeure factor. In general, before you wear a hearing aid. The measured hearing is the same as the hearing you measured after wearing it for a while.

Misunderstanding 3: In case the hearing drops, it must be re-allocated.

In fact, there are differences between hearing aids and reading glasses. If you have decreased vision when reading glasses, you really need to re-match one, but the hearing aids are different. The hearing aids have adjustment functions. You have lost your hearing. Wouldn’t it be better to adjust it, as long as you keep it in place, use one?10Years are ok.

Myth 4: Other people’s hearing aids can also be used directly.

Emma tells the truth, I don’t know what to say, that is, some people think so. You said that other people’s glasses can be worn. Do you have the same degree? Isn’t the hearing aid also a reason, let alone hearing aids? Complex, the nature and condition of hearing loss can not be worn like this.

Myth 5: Both ears have hearing loss, but I only bring one.

In fact, this is not a misunderstanding. When both ears have hearing loss, it is best to wear two, but some people wear a comfortable one, or family conditions do not allow, so only wear one, this is no way. .

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