What are the hazards of sudden tinnitus?

harm1. Affecting emotions, if a person suddenly has tinnitus, always feels that there is a voice around him, and how can he not wave his hand, it is easy to cause emotional changes such as irritability, worry, anxiety, depression. Some people would rather not hear, or want to tinnitus to an unbearable level.

harm2. Affecting work, if you suddenly have tinnitus during work or study, you can’t hear what others are saying, especially leaders and teachers, you will be misunderstood. This will inevitably lead to a decline in work efficiency and a loss of interest in work and study.

harm3. Affecting sleep, when sleeping, it requires an absolutely quiet environment, but if tinnitus occurs, especially in the middle of the night, it is more difficult to fall asleep, which can easily lead to insomnia. Some patients also feel awakened by tinnitus when they feel that they are not sleeping well. If you wake up in the middle of the night, the tinnitus is still ringing, it will make you uneasy and insomnia.

harm4. The most direct consequence of hearing and tinnitus is hearing loss. This situation is to hear what others are saying, but it is inaudible.

harm5. Affecting family life, some people seek medical treatment because of tinnitus, which will bring economic losses and even cause huge economic pressure. If family members do not understand it, it will affect family harmony.

Sudden tinnitus

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