Irreversible hearing loss, prevention is more important than treatment

In general, the irreversible hearing loss in our mouth basically refers toSensorineural hearing loss.

Why is it irreversible? Here, I will give you a popular science.

For our mammals, our inner ear is composed of the cover membrane, hair cells, supporting cells, basement membrane, and incoming efferent nerves that connect hair cells. The inner ear hair cells are responsible for the nerve impulses, and then this A signal is passed to the brain.

Inner ear hair cell

As shown above, the left is the intact hair cells, and the right is the damaged hair cells. When we are still in the mother’s womb, the hearing organs such as the ears and inner ear hair cells are fully developed, and when we come out, It will not continue to increase as we grow older, that is to say, it stops growing, and then it becomes only reduced. When these hair cells are damaged by some external factors, of course, they cannot produce new hair cells by themselves, so irreversible hearing loss will occur.

Leading us to appearSensorineural hearing lossThere are many reasons for this, such as age, genetic factors, eating ototoxic drugs, the environment and other factors.

More clinically, it is still hereditary, senile, noisy and sudden.

Because I said it before.Sensorineural hearing lossThe irreversible damage is basically not treated or improved by drugs. We can only use hearing aids or cochlear implants for hearing compensation.

Sensorineural hearing loss

So we need to know about hearing loss, prevention is more important than treatment.

In the middle of the week, we are far away from the noise environment. At the same time, if we have a hearing loss phenomenon, don’t take medicine before we are sure of it. Some people just eat it, eat it and eat it, and eat ototoxic drugs. The harm is very big, let the doctor judge, the doctor is still very authoritative.

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