When we can hear but can’t hear clearly, we should do it.

We will meet some patients when we are at the store. They will always complain that they can’t hear anything, they just can’t hear it. So what do we say when we can hear but can’t hear clearly, what should we do?

First of all, it is audible but inaudible. The rate of speech recognition is not high. This also means that your hearing has decreased. At the same time, the degree of hearing loss is not proportional to the degree of speech recognition. For example, two identical hearing loss. The degree of speech, their speech recognition may be very different, and there are many sensorineural patients who often complain that they can hear but can’t hear.

I can’t hear clearly

So why is this happening?

Under normal circumstances, you are in a state of long-term hearing loss, but you have not treated, that is, if you do not compensate for your hearing, then your speech recognition will decline, and it will increase with time. Declining, the longer you are, the more you will fall.

Speech recognition has played a big role in our daily lives. If you can’t hear you, you can’t communicate with others, and you may miss out on many opportunities.

Therefore, when we have a hearing loss phenomenon, we must promptly intervene, first go to the hospital for a checkup, let the doctor help you to see if you need to wear a hearing aid, if necessary, go to the store or the fitting center for fitting. Many people don’t care about hearing loss. It doesn’t matter. However, when you have been hearing loss for a long time, a series of symptoms will make you headache.

When your hearing loss is irreversible, regrets are too late. If you experience hearing loss, you need to wear a hearing aid early, compensate for hearing in time, reduce the hearing loss of our hearing, and improve the wearing effect. The more the hearing aid is worn. The sooner the better.

Wearing a hearing aid

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