Can ear sclerosis be equipped with hearing aids?

Ear sclerosis, also known as otosclerosis, is characterized by focal looseness of the dense bone of the inner ear bone labyrinth, which is characterized by spongiform degeneration. The incidence rate of Caucasians is as high as 0.5%, and women are about 2.5 times that of men. The incidence rate in China is low, and the proportion of men and women is close, mainly in young adults. Clinically, it is characterized by asymmetrical conduction of sputum in both ears, and sensorineural hearing loss can occur in the late stage.

What??? The cause is unknown

Yes, the etiology of otosclerosis is not clear: hereditary factors, autosomal dominant or recessive inheritance, abnormal genes can be found in more than half of cases; endocrine disorders, more common in puberty, high incidence in women, pregnancy, Childbirth and menopause accelerate the progression of the disease; the developmental factors of the bone labyrinth, there is a defect in the developmental and ossification process in the cartilage layer in the anterior vestibular window, which is called the anterior window fissure, and there is a fibrous connective tissue bundle in the fissure. Cartilage tissue, can continue to exist or ossification in adulthood to produce otosclerotic lesions, clinical and humeral pathology can be seen in otosclerotic lesions, mostly from here; autoimmune factors.

What is the performance usually?

There are no incentives for both ears to have slow progressive hearing loss and low-pitched tinnitus at the same time, without ear suffocation, ear leakage and other symptoms, some cases may have dizziness, female patients in pregnancy, childbirth, the disease progresses faster. The patient’s self-speaking is small, and the wording is clear, which is a self-listening enhancement phenomenon. In the ridiculous environment, I feel that hearing improves, called Willis misunderstanding.

There is no cause of asymmetry between the two ears and progressive low frequency tinnitus, the tympanic membrane is normal, the tuning fork Gelle test is negative, the pure tone bone conduction hearing curve can have Carhart notch, the impedance map A or As type, can be diagnosed as ear sclerosis.

In addition to hearing aids, labyrinthic ear can be treated with sodium chloride or sodium carbonate for oral treatment. After half a year, the amount is reduced and maintained for two years. At the same time, vitamin D is administered, which is said to stop the progression of the disease.

Surgical treatment includes humeral surgery and inner ear fenestration. The humerus surgery includes humeral sacral surgery and various types of patella resection.

Due to the poor effect of the sacral sacral surgery, it has been eliminated. 1956 year Shea uses a venous valve instead of a humerus plate to close the vestibular window, replaces the tibial arch with polyethylene, completes the patella resection and reconstruction surgery, so that the ear sound transmission function is completely or nearly completely restored. widely used. In China, this operation has been carried out since 1961. The short-term effect is 98.8%, and the air-bone lead difference above 80% is less than 10dB. The humeral resection has a total resection of the base plate. After the bottom plate is broken, all the pieces are removed, the bottom plate is partially removed, and the bottom plate is drilled.

At present, only the inner ear fenestration can be used only after the sclerotic and vestibular window areas can not be cleared or the humeral surgery fails.

Experts say: humeral ear sclerosis is mainly surgical treatment, early and medium-term effect is good, but the late stage is poor, there are surgical contraindications or refused surgery, can wear hearing aids.

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